Faviken Magasinet, Järpen: Locavorism epitomised

I have yearned to visit this unique restaurant ever since I laid eyes on the powder blue cover of the cookbook,  “Faviken”. It was an impulse buy nestled amongst other worlds top 50 chef’s books, from a favourite haven, Books for Cooks. I sat down one rainy Saturday afternoon and began to flick through the pages. Mesmerised,…

Noma Japan, February 2015, where every morsel was savoured and umami from each dish, lingered so intensely that to take a bite of the next offering was almost sacrilege.  You knew you would have to say goodbye to a new best friend to make way for the next. Exploring the street food and food halls of Tokyo, provided the matrix to begin to understand what Rene Redezpi’s genius set out to achieve. At the end, I asked “What did you think about the food?'  “incredible”  Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy