Tomatoes in Menton: ur fruit

How many times do we hear chefs chant, keep it simple, keep it simple, let the ingredients do the talking.

Wandering around the markets in Menton, France, home of Mirazur, restaurant of Argentinian born chef, Mauro Colagreco and no 11 in the Worlds best 50 restaurant, there they were, rippling in the fading, dusk light, calling out for me to taste a mouthful of sweet Mediterranean terroir. Every time I eat an exceptional tomato, I think of my friend Johnny in Fontainebleau, brown paper bag in hand, filled with large fresh big reds, eating them like apples in the street.

As Saveur described them recently, “the crown jewel , the most panted-over, obsessed-about, breathlessly anticipated is, of course, the tomato. It’s the edible summer garden’s ur-fruit, and like a new car, its value plummets exponentially as the miles accumulate between vine and mouth, so it is totally worth growing yourself”


One of the stand out dishes at Mirazur was a sophisticated, tomato salad with fig and Mozzarella.

The Mirazur garden grows over 20 varieties of tomatoes, simplicity at its best, perfectly chilled, refreshing wild tomatoes sang in the dish along  with the freshness of local figs, strawberries and Breton mozzarella.

Tomatoes, so fresh, so sweet,  you could still smell the paint. *

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