The Clove Club: A British lunch in the Town Hall

Lunch Thursday 16th, July 2015 : A British lunch in the Town Hall

As soon as I entered through the large blue doors and arrived at the Clove Club, I immediately felt relaxed and at home, the vibe was young and contemporary, the place was draped in coolness and the staff chilled and easy.  I knew this would be not just a good lunch, but a very special one.

The Clove Club

Chef: Isaac McHale

Shoreditch Town Hall

380 Old Street,

London EC1V 9LT
+44 (0) 2077296496

Worlds best 50 restaurants: no 55 in the world 2015

Michelin stars *

Vibe: Modern British with a hint of nordic goodness

Signature dish: Buttermilk fried chicken and pine salt

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The choice of tube stations is critical, Old St is the preferred option to Liverpool St, but the long walk in the sticky heat of the day will provide some much needed extra miles. In need of fluids, sit at the bar, the Clove Club specialises in artisan cocktails. Start with the cocktail of the day, the name so appealing that it will be a done deal from the start.

Give bees a chance

A shot of vodka, green chartreuse, honey, egg white and mead dusted with bees pollen. The bees pollen neatly pegged to the edge  of the glass to be sprinkled after arrival at the table. It will float on the white froth above and add a feeling of the exotic. The cocktail refreshing and will set the scene. The tables perfect, bare wood with a sweet little amber vase of wild flowers and full view of the blue tiled kitchen and the chefs at work.


Make the most of the visit and chose the 9 course degustation withs few extras thrown in.

 A selection of snacks to start

Crispy 100 day old chicken foot, tarragon vinegar emulsion


Buttermilk fried chicken with pine salt: signature dish


Scottish Oat cake with smoked cods roe and dusted with Genmaicha


Sour dough cracker, Cornish anchovies, sweet pickled mustard fermented gooseberries


Kabu Turnip marinated with sunflower seeds and mint



Fine bean tart, Sheeps milk yoghurt, Hazelnut oil


Flamed Cornish Mackerel, Apricot Mustard & Tagetes Flowers


Raw Orkney Scallop, Hazelnut, Clementine & Manjimup Truffles


Seaweed dashi, Italian melon, Sansho Pepper oil


 Pea mousse


Wild Scottish Sea Trout, Datterini, Tomato, Shallots and Brown Butter


Montgomery cheese, Crystal malt


100 year old Boal Madeira, Duck Consomme, Ginger, Morels


Buckwheat and pigs blood, Crackling pork belly, Bortolini beans, shallots Devil’s spice


Berkshire Roe Deer, Grilled Onions, Beetroot & Blackcurrants



Amalfi lemonade & Sarwak Pepper Ice Cream


Baked Meadowsweet Custard, Tayberries & Puffed Amaranth.


Coffee, petit fours


At a time when London dining can seem ho hum, The Clove Club is a breath of fresh air, the fried chicken alone is worth the detour across town to the trendy foodie area of Shoreditch. It is a place on the up and up and one to return to time and time again.

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