Faviken Breakfast: Incredible and must not be missed

Breakfast July 12, 2015


Anyone who has read anything about Faviken knows it doesn’t matter how full you feel from the night before you cannot miss breakfast.

Carefully choreographed as expected, you will be beckoned to your original table, each set beautifully with a wondrous spread of traditional Nordic cuisine. Familiar faces will appear, others will be missing.  Those in the know will  restore their our appetite and take advantage of the early Nordic light, walking and soaking up the intoxicating environment. Wild flowers abound by the roadside; you will soon realise that all is well in this little patch of paradise.

The room is still dimly lit with only filtered light coming in through the curtain on the deck. Magnus does not appear for breakfast, the morning crew with Matilda at then helm will take care of you, you feel right at home.

The table will be something to behold, the like you may never have seen before. You will have mixed emotions, knowing this will be a farewell feast to a place you have had a long distance love affair with. The biggest task will be how to respect this amazing offering and what order should you eat each carefully chosen morsel?

As you look around the room, you will miss the magic of Magnus clapping his large viking hands and his melodic voice guiding you through each morsel.


Johnny’s porridge and cloudberries

“Johnny’s porridge” perfected by Johhny the sous chef, who was tasked to develop the perfect breakfast porridge. Different grains are sourced from Tina’s mill and locals seeds. It will be prepared on the server in an elegant copper pot, the cloudberries a natural partner. The porridge is packed with Nordic goodness and the rare local cloudberry compote provided an irresistible sweet and sour tartness.

If you yearn for more, the recipe can be found on page 183 of the Faviken cookbook.



Orange Swedish caviar and Lovage herb salt

Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the vibrant orange swedish caviar, made from pureed trout’s roe and accompanied by equally vibrant green lovage and herb salt. Both salty, smother over the bread a perfect pick you up.


Hard boiled small chicken egg

Plain and simple, a perfect boiled egg can never fail to please, nested of grass, smaller than usual with the cast iron shell of a healthy bird, the yolk a soft marigold yellow.




Smoked reindeer heart, hard cheese from Oviken, ham

From Faviken’s own charcuterie, traditional cured meats; ham and smoked reindeer heart accompanied by Oviken cheese will be the next delight. The ham, delicate and smoky, the deep maroon, reindeer heart a delicacy from Northern Sweden, a unique rich but subtle flavour will be complimented by the mature flavour of the intense Oviken cheese.

The cheese from Oviken Ost a dairy farm near Östersund, run by a dedicated husband and wife team who supply Faviken with their dairy products. The cheese is made by hand from high quality sheep’s milk from their  farm and cow and goat milk from nearby farms. It is unpasteurised to preserve its intense flavour. Oviken Ost has produced a lovely video about their philosophy that is shared with Faviken.


Trio of tasty spreads

Trout and brown butter: sweet brown butter with flaky trout pate

Orre (black grouse) bird liver pate: gamey and oh so very rich

Fresh whey cheese: delicate cream cheese in texture

The crunchy blackened crust of the Faviken sour dough bread, the perfect host for these incredible spreads.


Cloudberry compote


Sour dough bread with the crispiest,  blackened crust

The Nordics could teach the world how to make bread, and Faviken’s bread is no exception.


Neklan blackcurrant drink

Swedish blackcurrant juice, sweet tart and refreshing.



Rosenmunnar: Swedish thumbprint cookie filled with raspberry jam, fresh from the oven and served on a warm rock

This little cookie, made from butter, sugar and flour and filled with raspberry jam, are incredibly delicious and perfect with the coffee at the end. A version to make at home can be found on page 208 of the Faviken cookbook.


 As you bid farewell to the diners from the previous night, each heading in different directions, you will pack your bags and with a heavy heart, knowing it is time to leave this wonderful place.   

I  visited at the start of the new summer menu 2015, the meadows had been mowed in readiness for the annual hunters festival in 2 weeks. Magnus will be cooking hot dogs for the festival, only wish I could have stayed on to try them.  As the restaurant would be closed for 2 weeks, I had made it just in time.          

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