BÆST: Cool food nailed in Copenhagen

Dinner 22 July 2015


Needing a break from upmarket degustation, then head across the river to Relae’s little brother, an Organic meat eatery and quality Pizzeria.

As soon as you head down the laneway littered with bicycles, this place oozes cool, from the hip, friendly staff, modern Italian decor and the amazing wood fired pizza oven. Just another example why Copenhagen has got the cool food scene nailed.

To start

A BÆST Spiritzio

Billed as refreshing, cleansing and BÆST’s signature drink


You are spoilt for choice, snacks, Salumeria, cheese; various ages of Parmigiano-Reggiano from 3, 5 and 10 years, in house mozzarella made daily and burrata.

Try the  Small BÆST, something from the whole kitchen or  the Big BÆST, something from the entire building, bringing a collections of 9 or more dishes from the kitchen, meat from the grill, charcuterie, some greens and a few bites of pizza, mozzarella and dessert.

As tempting as it all is you may want stick to your guns and after all plan A is why you have ventured across the river, a rest from degustation, something more casual and al a carte. Maybe salad and pizza, and throw some pickles. The adjoining tables filled with families of happy Danes will give you a birds eye view of the Small and Big collections, ready for next time.

Pickles and Green salad

The salad and pickles come with great bread just what you have come to expect from every restaurant in Scandinavia. The salad coated in Parmesan emulsion and sprinkled  with grated bottega, added crunch with scattered crispy rye, it is so delicious and will almost upstage the hero of the day, pizza.


Wash down with a glass of Isacadoro, Caebianche, Salerno, from a small vineyard. The grapes are macerated for 6 days and the wine has a big flavour with fruit scents of apricot and mango.

Wood fired Pizza

One of the best wood fired sourdough pizzas you will ever have.  The base was thin and crispy, but not too crunchy, slightly charred and topped with tomato sauce, BÆST in house ndjuja or njuja as we know it, pecorino and argula.


And to finish, a tiny serving of soft serve vanilla ice cream with blackcurrant dust, perfect cleansing end to an incredible dinner.

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